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    At JPS we believe in quality design, inovation and a clear focuse on liveability and functionally in all our projects.  We deliver our own boutique property development projects as well as providing project advisory services to a wide client bases throughout Australia.

    We have extensive multi-faceted background in Property Development, Project Advisory Services, and Real Estate. Our involvement in boutique multi residential developments, high-rise commercial, hotels as well as large industrial and retail developments gives us the experience to successfully delivery projects in all sectors of realestate developement.  

    At the core of our experience is over 20 years of successful project delivery and extensive exposure to construction, local planning guidelines, design management, finance and project marketing and advertising.  A key factor to our success is the trusted business relationships and partnerships we create with a clear vision for sucessful outcomes for all project stakeholders.


    At JPS design means beautiful spaces for people to live and work.  To create these spaces requires inovative design management, clear communication and an atmosphere that promotes creativity. Therefore our project design teams are managed with a 'hands-on' approach and are a collaboration of creative people enchoraged and given the freedom to create new and exciting ideas.

    Development and Project Management

    Our Development and Project management services can be integrated at any point from project conception to completion of handover.  We can provide professional services to deliver solutions to our clients that integrate seamless with their organisation.  Our approach is collaboration and we make recommendation with our clients best interests in mind. Our services include management of site selection, acquisition and product analysis, project feasibility, design team selection and design management, development approval, Sales and Marketing, construction, and project completion and handover.


    Our Mission

    By listening to our customers' desires and paying attention to market demands and upcoming trends, we can deliver the best project solutions to live, work and invest in.

    The JPS mission is to create highly desirable living and working environments whilst establishing the highest level of trusted and dependability that always delivers a superior quality product. This is achieved through:

    • Creating well-researched and calculated living solutions.
    • Offering the highest quality projects in the best locations to achieve sustainable lifestyles and capital growth
    • Exceeding customer and investors' expectations
    • Being a dependable, trusted partner.
    • timeless design

    JPS's commitment to innovative design is applied to all facets of the business from project selection and acquisition, to design and product development. 



    Simon Mehegan has an extensive and multi-faceted background in Property Development, Construction, Real Estate and Business. He has been involved in boutique residential developments, high-rise commercial and residential projects as well as large industrial and retail developments. 


    The vast portfolio of businesses, developments and building companies he has managed and consulted for over the years, has given him a leading edge in the property industry. Simon's professional expertise is reinforced with a graduate degree in Civil Engineering.